Photo Album

First steaming after construction, at Derby Locomotive Works, 1955. Copyright R J BUCKLEY

In service with British Railways, Southern Region, Stewart's Lane 1959, copyright R C RILEY.

Bath, Green Park Locomotive Depot, Somerset and Dorset Railway, 1964. Copyright A NEWMAN

Camelot at Woodham Brother's Scrap Yard, Barry Island; 1979. Copyright P GIBBS.

Society Members prepare Camelot for removal from Woodhams' to the Bluebell Railway; 1979. Copyright S DESMOND

Camelot under restoration in Sheffield Park Locomotive Workshop, 1994. Copyright J HEINEMANN.

Camelot, now restored to service for the first time, hauls a "Starlight Express" at Horsted Keynes; 1995. Copyright J HEINEMANN.

Last day in service on the Bluebell Railway, before withdrawal for a Ten Year Overhaul, 2005. Copyright A STRONGITHARM.

Following a Heavy Overhaul, the boiler passes a steam test at Crewe, December 2015. P GIBBS.

Back in service once more, on the Bluebell Railway, April 2016, STEPHEN GARRATT.

This is a representative collection of images covering the whole of Camelot's career, from the first test steaming after construction at Derby in 1955, to the recent second return to service on the Bluebell Railway.