Camelot at Eastleigh with a Bournemouth - Waterloo train, August 1961. MIKE PEART. Mike was painting his great uncle's kitchen in Winchester but preferred watching Camelot to watching paint dry.

Camelot's Timeline

1955. Built at BR Engineering, Derby. Allocated to BR Southern Region at Stewart's Lane to work on the East Kent Services.

1959. East Kent Electification Completed. Allocated to Nine Elms to work on thge SR South Western Division to Bournemouth, Salisbury and beyond.

1965. Allocated to Guildford.

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1966. Withdrawn. Sold to Woodham Brothers (scrapyard), Barry, South Wales; but not scrapped.

1974. 73082 Camelot Locomotive Society formed.

1979. Locomotive purchased by the Society and moved to the Bluebell Railway at Sheffield Park.

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1995. Re-entered traffic on the Bluebell Railway.

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2005. Withdrawn again, for a ten year overhaul.

More information on the Second Overhaul page.

2015. Re-entered traffic again on the Bluebell Railway.