Images from the ten-year overhaul after 2005

The boiler at LNWR Crewe, May 2014. P GIBBS

Meanwhile at Sheffield Park, the Dragbox is under repair. P GIBBS

The repaired doorplate at Crewe, May 2014, P GIBBS

Frames and cylinders at Sheffield Park, June 2014, S DESMOND

And the driving wheels, June, 2014, S DESMOND

Frames and driving wheels reassembled, July 2014, P GIBBS.

The Cab, July 2014, P GIBBS.

Boiler, inside view; August, 2014. P GIBBS

Boiler, water space and stays; August, 2014. P GIBBS.

Newly fabricated smokebox; August, 2014. P GIBBS.

Brake hanger assembly replaced; September 2014. P GIBBS.

Cylinder cladding in place and painted; September 2014. P GIBBS.

Injector Controls and Sprinkler Valve placed in Cab, November 2014. P GIBBS.

Motion reassembled; January, 2015. N WREN.

Successful steam test! Camelot's safety valves lift, for the first time in ten years; January, 2015. P GIBBS.

Back at Sheffield Park, the repaired boiler is craned back onto the frames; January, 2015. T SULLIVAN.

A locomotive once more, now we just have to replace the small bits; January, 2015. P GIBBS.

Painting the boiler cladding, February 2015, P GIBBS.

Boiler, frames and cab reunited, looking even more like a locomotive. March, 2015. P GIBBS.

The boiler is then removed from the frame so that the smokebox can be reattached. P GIBBS.

Meanwhile, work proceeds on fabricating a new ashpan. P GIBBS.

Smokebox and boiler reattached, 22 March, 2015. P GIBBS.

The new ashpan is progressing well, the damper and hopper doors are now being fitted, and it should soon be ready for fitting to the firebox. 5 April, 2015. P GIBBS.

12 April 2015, Firebox lagging takes shape, P GIBBS

The injector steam valves have been fitted to the bracket on the fireman's side of the firebox. Some of the new boiler cladding is visible. 12 April, 2015. P GIBBS.

19 April, 2015. The frames are lifted so that the bogie can be run out for attention. P GIBBS.

19 April, 2015. The bogie, under repair, is now dismantled. P GIBBS.

3 May, 2015, the new ashpan is completed, P GIBBS.

3 May, 2015; Firebox cladding is completed, progress on the boiler lagging is visible, P GIBBS.

The new ashpan is measured against the grate before fitting, 10 May 2015, P GIBBS.

New pipework for the cylinder draincocks, 10 May 2015, P GIBBS

New pipework for the sanding gear, 10 May 2015, P GIBBS.

After a test fitting and adjustments, the ashpan is finally fitted to the boiler, 16 May 2015, P GIBBS.

Steam pipework for the sanding gear, 16 May 2015, P GIBBS.

The boiler is now back in the frames. 23 May 2015, B JENDEN.

Rear view, showing boiler in frames with some footplate brackets attached, firehole door in place and backhead cladding being bolted on. 31 May 2015, P GIBBS.

Rear view, showing cladding, firehole door and brackets fitted. 31 May, 2015. P GIBBS.

Side view, boiler in place with cladding, front section left off while riveting smokebox. 31 May 2015. P GIBBS.

From the front, looking more like a complete locomotive; sloping panel below smokebox is out to provide access for fixing down. 31 May 2015, P GIBBS.

Firebox backhead cladding complete, still needs to be painted. 7 June 2015 P GIBBS

Footplate sections in position on fireman's side. 7 June 2015 P GIBBS

Looking through cab floor, stretcher bolted in, firebox feet retainers in place, damper controls fitted. 7 June 2015 P GIBBS

The tender is loaded, to go to Hitachi Ashford for wheel reprofiling. 8 June 2015 J SANDYS.

The tender returns from Ashford. 11 June 2015. N WREN

The tender returns from Ashford with gleaming reprofiled wheel tyres. 11 June 2015. N WREN.

The last section of the boiler cladding is in place, following mounting of the handrail stanchions on the new front boiler barrel. 14 June, 2015, P GIBBS.

Inside the cab, the rocking grate levers are in place and linked up, and the damper door mechanism and controls are in position. The first parts of the cab floor are being fitted. 14 June, 2015. P GIBBS.

The new smokebox liner (shown inverted) is being prepared for fitting. 14 June, 2015. P GIBBS.

Here are images from the heavy overhaul, 2005 - 2015.