Images from the ten-year overhaul after 2005

Driver's seat re-upholstered and fitted 20 September 2015 P GIBBS

Driver's seat, armrest and sliding cab windows 20 September 2015 P GIBBS

First steaming, 28 September 2015, ANDY KELLY

Preparing for the Steam Test, 29 September, 2015, BEN JENDEN

160 on the clock, awaiting boiler inspection, 29 September 2015, P GIBBS.

Boiler inspection, do not move, 29 September 2015, J HEINEMANN.

She's passed! Remove the "Do not Move" sign and open the Drain Cocks; 29 September 2015, J HEINEMANN.

Into the yard, under her own power, 29 September 2015, J HEINEMANN.

After the steam test, Camelot was back in works for some final fixes before the painters arrived. P GIBBS, 4 October, 2015.

Painting in progress, by Heritage Painting, 8 October, 2015, P GIBBS.

This is how she looks after Heritage Painting had finished their job. 9 October 2015, HERITAGE PAINTING.

The finished Cab Side, 11 October, 2015, P GIBBS.

Basking in the sun, ready to start trials. This image marks the end of the Overhaul and the start of Camelot's Second Return to traffic. 15 October 2015, MATTHEW LANDER.

Here are images from the heavy overhaul, 2005 - 2015.