Sales Stand Days

Rainhill, June 1981. At the 150 year celebrations for the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. F DOWLEY.

Derby Locomotive Works Open Day, September 1982. P GIBBS

Coalville, June, 1986. F DOWLEY.

Upminster, June 1993, F DOWLEY.

An open weekend at Crewe MPD in 2003. S DESMOND.

Another view of Crewe, 2003. S DESMOND.

On the platform at Horsted Keynes, May 2014. P GIBBS.

Over the 17 - 19 April, 2015, the Camelot Society Sales Stand was the centre of attention at Sheffield Park. There were a couple of other attractions as well and here is one of them, crossing the Ouse Bridge. P GIBBS.

The Sales Stand attended the Bluebell Railway Workshop's Model Railway Exhibition in June, 2015. The image above shows the Stand on site, with Camelot's cab looming in the background. N WREN.

Over the years, the Society has taken the Sales Stand to many railway and heritage events, and thereby raised much of the money that has restored and overhauled 73082 Camelot. Here are a few memories of them.

(Above, Rainhill, 1981)