Camelot moves under her own power for the first time, after a sucessful boiler test. 29 September 2015, M LAWRENCE.

The other clips are on separate pages, below:

Test Run 2015 Camelot under test, 20 October 2015, M LAWRENCE

AGM Special 2015 Camelot hauls the Society's AGM Special, coupled to a Pullman Dining Train, out of Sheffield Park, 25 October 2015, M LAWRENCE.

S'Park-Kingscot 2004 Archive footage made in 2004. Camelot takes a train from Sheffield Park to Kingscot; past Freshfield Bank, Three Arch Bridge, Horsted Keynes, and the Tunnel. S DESMOND.

Cabride (1) Leaving Horstead Keynes, climbing past Horstead House Farm. Driver David Foale. 1 November, 2015, J HEINEMANN.

Cabride (2), firing Fireman Vince Gould fills the firebox. 1 November, 2015, J HEINEMANN.

Cabride (3), tunnel A sequence within Sharpethorn Tunnel. 1 November, 2015, J HEINEMANN.

Cabride (4), extn Leaving Kingscot and starting up the West Grinstead extension. 1 November, 2015, J HEINEMANN.

Backing down SP yard After bringing in a train from East Grinstead, Camelot backs down Sheffield Park yard before running round. 1 November, 2015, HELEN WEBB.

Ex Sheffield Park Camelot takes the 1215 back to East Grinstead from Sheffield Park. 1 November, 2015, ANDREW WEBB.

Raising the Echoes 21 February, 2016, JAMES (?) OnTheFastLine YouTube account.