1966+ Barry Days

10 August 1967, Camelot has been here for a year, IAN W TAYLOR

22 August 1967, the tender has not yet been detached. R BUTLER.

18 July 1968, ANON.

20 May 1969 D K JONES.


This is the earliest available Barry image. The locomotive is part painted in undercoat by Society members, so the period is mid-late 1970s. DON GILLAM

External painting is now well advanced, late 1970s. Note the next in line locomotive is 34059 "Sir Archibald Sinclair", which also went to the Bluebell Railway. P GIBBS.

Camelot hemmed in by wagons, Nov 1978, S DESMOND.

The Day we rescued Camelot! Society members pose in front of the low loader before the locomotive departs for Sheffield Park. 1979. S DESMOND.

The bogie had to be loaded separately. 1979. S DESMOND.

Out of the yard ... 1979. S DESMOND.

... and down the road. 1979. S DESMOND.

From 1966 to 1979 Camelot languished at Woodhams' Scrapyard, Barry Island. During this time, the Society was founded, and eventually purchased and removed the locomotive to the Bluebell Railway for restoration. These images show Camelot at Barry, and on the day of rescue.