This page contains news and planned events for Camelot, the Bluebell Railway and the Society's Sales Stand.

Photo BRIAN LACEY, 24 June, 2019. Camelot arrives at Horsted Keynes with a late running 3.45 from East Grinstead, after 30541 has already arrived with the 4.00 from Sheffield Park.

Camelot and the Railway

7. Aug, 2020

The Bluebell Railway reopened today

10. Aug, 2020

Boiler Examination

Camelot's "Out of Service" Examination is scheduled for today. This has been postponed because the Boiler Inspectors have had a post-Lockdown backlog to clear.

14. Aug, 2020

Boiler Examination

Camelot's "In Service" Examination is scheduled for today. Following the Examination, the Bluebell Railway will decide when to return the locomotive to service.

The Return Date will be notified here when it is known.

Camelot runs in pre-1959 condition, Stewarts Lane shed plate but no nameplate. BEN JENDEN, 30 June, 2019.

The Sales Stand

19. Jul, 2020

All Sales Stand Events have been suspended during Lockdown ...

... but the Society is now looking to book for new events as they are organised. They will be notified here as soon as the dates are known.

Sales Stand at Horsted Keynes, 8 May 2014, ANON

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