Part of Camelot's ongong overhaul involves removing the driving wheels for inspection. Photo taken at the wheeldrop, BLUEBELL RAILWAY, February 2021.

This page contains news and planned events for Camelot, the Bluebell Railway and the Society's Sales Stand.

12. Jan, 2021

The Bluebell Railway is closed, Camelot is in the workshop.

The Bluebell Railway is closed until further notice as part of the national lockdown. This gives the workshop an opportunity to carry out remedial work on Camelot. A problem had arisen caused by leaks at the foundation ring rivets. To allow these to be replaced, the boiler has been lifted out of the frames.
Although there are still 4 years remaining on the current boiler ticket, other work will be carried out as necessary whilst it is out of the frames, and will include partial retubing, with the aim of gaining a new 10 year boiler ticket.
As things progress we will give further updates.

Announcements from the Railway can be seen on:

12. Jan, 2021

Sales Stand Events

Neither the Sales Stand nor the Society's bookstand at "Antiques at Wendover" are operating at the moment because of the pandemic.

1. Feb, 2021

Update from the Bluebell Railway Workshop

The boiler took just over a week to remove and all the cladding and the brick arch have been removed as per a 10-year boiler exam. As of 27th January, 25 rivets remain to be fitted in the foundation ring, these will be done after the holes have been improved by copper welding, which task is booked in for the first week of February.

It is anticipated that around 20 side stays will be replaced due to the heads being burnt away, plus any that fail non-destructive testing. The small tubes will probably be removed by the end of January, the new ones will be in the country by the middle of February.

The boiler looks good after five years in service and the riveting has gone well using the correct BR pattern rivets in line with the relevant drawings.

As part of the work to gain a new 10-year boiler ticket, the clack valves will be replaced with new, one set of water gauges will be replaced and a complete new blowdown valve will be fitted: the whistle valve (a BR original) will have new insides.

The flue tubes will get a very thorough examination by the Bluebell's boilersmiths and, of course, the boiler inspector before a decision is taken as to whether or not they should be replaced at this time.

12. Feb, 2021

Latest news of Camelot's overhaul from the Bluebell Railway Workshop

Copper welding on the firebox was carried out last week. It was done by Hythe Marine Ltd who did the copper welding on 80151's firebox and that has proved to be very satisfactory. The foundation ring holes just need to be reamed out and tidied up and then the rest of the rivets can be put in.

Most of the ashpan needs to be replaced and the work is already under way.

20. Feb, 2021

Camelot on the Wheeldrop

The frames have been placed over the wheeldrop and the driving wheels removed for inspection.

22. Feb, 2021

More news from the Bluebell Railway's Workshop concerning Camelot.

Firebox copper welding has been carried out, 16 holes in the steel doorplate at the foundation ring have been welded by Henry Mowforth and the copper plate was welded by Hythe Marine Ltd. The foundation ring riveting is all now complete and approximately 20 side stays that had lost nuts and burned away have been replaced.

The boiler was lifted onto the boiler wagon on 17th February and has had a washout, it is now in the running shed undergoing needle gunning of the exterior. The new boiler tubes are expected at the end of February/early March.

Ashpan hopper replacement is 60% complete, it will have a sprinkler system fitted like that on 80151.

Further investigation of known loose cylinder bolts has revealed more hiding up in the saddle. New bolts are on order, oversized for reaming out and turning to fit. At least 30 will need to be changed.
New horn stay bolts are being made, the stays themselves need building up and the holes reaming out.
The driving wheelset has been removed to check side clearances because of it previously hitting the rivets on the frames. The top end of the horns will be built up to reduce clearances, as has already been done on the rear wheelset.

The motion has been stripped down and patterns sent to the foundry for new big end (two), small end (one), leading (one) and trailing (one) coupling rod bushes. One new gradient pin and bushes are also required.

The expansion links have been removed to deal with excessive play in the die blocks and pin holes. Expansion links should go to the Flour Mill this week with 34059’s for grinding on their pendulum grinder and CNC machining of new die blocks.

Finally, a new set of grate fingers is required.

Drilling out spent foundation ring rivets.

BLUEBELL RAILWAY, February 2021.

New rivets, foundation ring

BLUEBELL RAILWAY, February 2021.

After the boiler lift

BLUEBELL RAILWAY, February, 2021.

Look no boiler.

BLUEBELL RAILWAY, February, 2021.

The wheel drop.

BLUEBELL RAILWAY, February, 2021.