This page contains Camelot's working schedule, when the locomotive is expected to be working on the Bluebell Railway; and details of future events which the Sales Stand shall be attending.

Photo MARTIN LAWRENCE, 2 December, 2017. Camelot joins in the festivities, resting in the station platform, having brought a trainload of passengers into Horsted Keynes Station for the Annual Carol Service.

Working ("In Steam") Schedule.

19. Apr, 2018

Camelot is out of service for the moment.

On Tuesday 17th April, whilst heading north on its second trip of the day out of
Kingscote, Camelot failed due to an issue with the left-hand rear cylinder cover. The service train was reversed back into Kingscote Station and terminated there.
Initial inspection of the locomotive revealed that the left-hand rear cylinder cover had cracked/fractured. Camelot remained at Kingscote overnight and on Wednesday the connecting rod was taken down and she was towed back to Sheffield Park by the 09 shunter.
Closer inspection at the Locomotive Workshop revealed that both the left and
right front cylinder covers were cracked and the left-hand piston head was broken. At this point a visual check has not shown the cylinders to be damaged but a more detailed inspection will be undertaken.
Whilst the cause of the problem is still to be determined, the focus is to get the repairs underway as a matter of priority. Patterns are not available for the
cylinder covers (these are unique to the Fives) so these will have to be made. The piston head casting can be obtained from an external supplier.
Based on the current findings we expect Camelot to be back in service in two to three months time.

Camelot passes West Hoathly. SAM CARRAGHER, 7 April, 2018.

Information about locomotive rosters is on the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society Web Site.


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Alternatively, the Bluebell Railway Information Office, 01825 720800, may be able to advise changes on the day.

The Camelot Locomotive Society Sales Stand

The Sales Stand at Sheffield Park Station, 27 April, 2017, DEREK HAYWARD.

This is one of the Society's fund raisers and can be seen at Bluebell Railway Special Events, also at Model Railway Exhibitions and Railway Depot Open Days.

Sales Stands Dates

7. Jul, 2018

London Transport Depot Museum Open Weekend

Acton, also 8 July, the stand's participation is provisional, to be confirmed later.

28. Jul, 2018

Bluebell Railway Collectors Fair

Horsted Keynes Station.

22. Sep, 2018

London Transport Depot Museum Open Weekend

Acton, also 23 September.

12. Oct, 2018

Bluebell Railway Autumn Gala

Sheffield Park, also 13 and 14 October.

8. Dec, 2018

National Festival of Railway Modelling

East of England Showground, Peterborough, also 9 December.

Special Events on the Bluebell Railway.

34092 "City of Wells", seen at the Bluebell Railway's "End of Southern Steam" event; 10 July, 2017. DEREK HAYWARD.

The Sales Stand often attends at the Bluebell Railway on Special Event weekends. The dates for these may be seen at