Members of the 73082 Camelot Locomotive Society at the renaming ceremony on 20 August, 2016. J HEINEMANN

Society Membership

Some renamings are less official than others.

73082 Camelot was in traffic on the Bluebell Railway from 1995 to 2005, and returned to service in 2015 after a heavy overhaul. Society members raised money for the original restoration from scrapyard condition and the more recent overhaul, and also worked on the locomotive itself. Camelot needs the continuing support of present and new members if it is to continue operation in the long run.

Members of the Society may work on the locomotive or at Sales Stand events. The Sales Stand and Members' regular donations are the prime sources of funding for Camelot. The Society is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and donations may attract Gift Aid.

Members' Benefits include periodic newsletters giving details of Camelot's activities and information about fund raising (such as events which the Society's sales stand will be attending), and the Magazine "Footplate" which contains articles of related interest. There are also occasional opportunities to ride behind the locomotive on a private charter train, or to fire and drive Camelot.

The Society's Annual General Meeting is usually held in the Great Northern Director's Saloon coupled to a service train on the Bluebell Railway. This is an opportunity for members to have their say in how the Society is run and to put forward ideas for future activities.

CLS Membership Form July 2022

To join the Society, please download the form and print, complete and return it to the address given at the foot of the document.

73082 CLS Gift Aid Declaration

If you are a UK Income Tax payer, your donation may attract Gift Aid tax relief. Here is a link to a Gift Aid Declaration form.