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News and Events; Bluebell Railway, Camelot and the Sales Stand

Camelot at Sheffield Park with Standard 4 75027, Photo JOHN SANDYS, 26 August 2022

Camelot and Fenchurch at Giants of Steam JAMES DAVIES 15 October 2023

Camelot and Bluebell Railway Operations

18 Nov, 2023

25 Nov, 2023

Bluebell Railway's November and December Calendar

Steamlights 2023 Special Services are running on the Bluebell Railway from 17 November until 30 December, 2023. Santa Specials are running from 25 November until 24 December. Festive Feasts are served on 23 and 24 November.

Camelot's November and December Roster

Camelot has now entered a period of winter maintenance and is expected to return to service after Easter 2024.

Bluebell Railway Web Site Links

More information can be found on the Railway's web site:

Sales Stand News, venues and dates.

Sales Stand at Sheffield Park. Photo, DEREK HAYWARD, 2017.

Sales Stand at Sheffield Park. Photo, DEREK HAYWARD, 2017.

18 Nov, 2023

Doncaster Model Railway Exhibition

The next Sales Stand event will be at this exhibition, in February, 2024.